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Stalin’s Tunnels Under the Dnieper

The massive concrete parts located on both sides of the Dnieper River remind us about the Soviet idea to build long railway traffic tunnels under the river for the City’s defence purposes. The biggest in Kyiv history traffic tunnel construction was abandoned with the outbreak of war.
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03 2011

Stalin’s Bunker

The command post “Skala” (Rock) was a part of a long fortifications system built in 1930s. It was called “Stalin’s Line” by Nazi propaganda. Skala command post has been built under the “top secret” mode in 1938 in natural granite caves in Korosten town. The interesting fact is that all the documentation about this “top secret” object was gathered by Nazi Germany intelligence in 1938 and kept till now. No documents from the Soviet side have been preserved.

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06 2010

Mlynki Cave – The Earth From The Inside

The cave is known not for its size but for its unbelievable beauty. It consists of 28 kilometers of underground courses and labirynths.  This is probably the only cave in Ukraine which is open for all tourists of all the ages. It was discovered by local people in 1960-s. They have made five expeditions which took 41 day. During that time the first map of the 13 kilometers underground route was made. The collection of rocks found there was outstanding!

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08 2009