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Ivana Kupala Night – when miracles revive

If you travel Ukraine in Summer, around 6-7th of July, don’t miss the spectacular celebration of Ivana Kupala Night! Actually, this is the ancient pagan tradition, which was renovated into one of the native Christian celebrations. It’s loved by locals and deeply impresses foreigners with its fascinating rituals, intertwined with national folklore, and enriched with modern special effects.
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05 2013

Velykden – Ukrainian Easter

Velykden’ (Easter) is the most cheerful religious holiday for orthodox believers in Ukraine. While travelling the country during this time, you’ll have an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere of this holiday!
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05 2013

Catholic Ukraine

Originally, Ukrainians confessed Eastern version of Christianity, after it was brought from Byzantium by Greek monk missionaries. Thus, the nation has always belonged to Orthodox church under the authority of the Greek patriarch of Constantinople.
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04 2013

Sofiyivka, the gift of Love

This true heavenly place, named after the Greek belle Sophia, fascinates visitors already for two centuries. It represents the inimitable creation of nature and human imagination, and is built in the name of love!
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The Sacred Stone Tomb

This mysterious sandstone hill with caves is one of the world’s most important monuments of ancient cultures. It’s located in Ukraine near Melitopol town. This array of stones was formed at the sandbank of a prehistoric sea, presumably from the hardened sand masses. Over time, under the influence of wind and water, the large stone hill with 87 grottos and caves was formed. Ukrainians call it Kamyana Mohyla (Stone Tomb or Stone Grave)
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03 2011