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Kerch – the Ancient Resort

“Have you been to Kerch? If you haven’t, then shut up!” sings a Belarusian rock band. And the guys are right – Kerch is one of the oldest cities in the world, with many historical monuments, 4 different shores, a dozen of curative mud resorts and a few crowded party areas.
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03 2011

Tarkhankut, the Crimean Eco Wonder


Enchanting views of cliffs, caves, endless sandy beaches, mysterious underwater world. The main dignity of Tarkhankut is in its remoteness from big towns of Crimea and in its perfect environmental cleanliness. Nowadays this is the most ecological area of the Black Sea.
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02 2011


Secret Soviet city hidden behind the rocks and washed by the sea. It has an outstanding history. Built by British intruders during the Crimean war, it was later closed and used as a military town with the top secrecy level. The mountains around the city are useful for coastal fortification and the deep and small bay is a great place for submarines. Nuclear weapons of USSR have been stored here.

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08 2009