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Kyiv Funicular

The funicular, which is located on Vladimir’s Hill, is one of the most remarkable highlights of Kyiv. It’s the easiest, fastest and the most pleasant way to get from Podil and Dnieper embankment to Mykhailivsky Square, the higher part of the City.
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06 2011

Pyrohiv – the Miniature Ukraine

Pyrohiv (rus. Pirogovo) is an open-air Museum located in Kyiv representing old Ukrainian folk architecture and life of all the regions of the country. It provides the opportunity to go through all of the most interesting parts of Ukraine during 1 day, see the life of Ukrainian people of XVII-XX Centuries from the inside.
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03 2011

Kyiv Hotels

As Ukraine is waiting for Euro 2012, many new hotels are under construction or in the process of opening. Probably because the prices for Kyiv hospitality are above the average European, the most popular hotels in Kyiv are economy class. This article presents a short overview of the main categories of hotels in Kyiv.
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03 2011

Stalin’s Tunnels Under the Dnieper

The massive concrete parts located on both sides of the Dnieper River remind us about the Soviet idea to build long railway traffic tunnels under the river for the City’s defence purposes. The biggest in Kyiv history traffic tunnel construction was abandoned with the outbreak of war.
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03 2011

The Oldest Sundial of Kyiv


Walking in Kyiv’s Podol don’t miss a yard behind Kyiv-Mohyla Academy which is located on Kontraktova Square. You will find there the unique sundial – the oldest “Clock” of Kyiv. It was built in the end of XVIII Century by Pierre Brulon, math teacher of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
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02 2011