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Chernihiv – a trip to the past

If you enjoy traveling back through time, come to Chernihiv – one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine. The City was the second capital of Kyivan Rus and is well known for its unique historic sights. One fourth of all Old Russian architecture in Ukraine is here!
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Lviv – the Lion’s city

Lviv with its rich history runs back to the 13th century, when it was founded by Danylo, the prince of Galicia, and named after his son Lev. Walking around you’ll find dozens of lion figures – the eternal symbols of the city. Centuries-long rule of different empires and nations enriched the city with its unique culture, bright traditions and magnificent architecture. Cosy candle-lighted cafés, lovely inner yards and grottos, narrow cobblestone streets bring Lviv the medieval romance and unique charm.
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08 2013

Uzhhorod – the Blooming City

Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod) is an antique Western Ukrainian city with its 1110 years history and numerous historical and architectural monuments of European significance. Its current name comes from the Uzh River that divides it into two parts: the Old and the New city.
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07 2013

Odesa – the Pearl of the Black Sea

Odesa (rus. Odessa) is a city located on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, a major cultural, scientific, and resort center, an important traffic hub of the Southern Ukraine. It has the largest port in the country. In terms of population Odesa is ranked third in the country.
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03 2011

Donetsk – the City of miners, roses and football

Donetsk is a real Ukrainian industrial miracle. It took less than 100 years for a small mining village to grow to this wide city, one of the pillars of modern Ukraine’s economy. The City is considered to be first in industrial growth of Ukraine. You may agree or not, but the main reason is people of the region – unpretentious, hardworking, responsible.
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02 2011