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Velykden – Ukrainian Easter

Velykden’ (Easter) is the most cheerful religious holiday for orthodox believers in Ukraine. While travelling the country during this time, you’ll have an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere of this holiday!
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05 2013

Catholic Ukraine

Originally, Ukrainians confessed Eastern version of Christianity, after it was brought from Byzantium by Greek monk missionaries. Thus, the nation has always belonged to Orthodox church under the authority of the Greek patriarch of Constantinople.
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04 2013

Kyiv nightlife

Kyiv is a real club city. You can find many bars and clubs not only at the city center, but also in some far neighborhoods. And don’t be surprised if you meet there some of your own countrymen.
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09 2012

“Holy crap!”: The Adventures of an Englishman in Kyiv

This interview was published on my favorite website about Kyiv in March 2011, after Manchester City’s away game with Dynamo Kyiv. The original article in Russian is here. The original Author is Ezhi Rud. Below is my translation of the interview. And sorry for my bad English :)

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06 2011

Kyiv Hotels

As Ukraine is waiting for Euro 2012, many new hotels are under construction or in the process of opening. Probably because the prices for Kyiv hospitality are above the average European, the most popular hotels in Kyiv are economy class. This article presents a short overview of the main categories of hotels in Kyiv.
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03 2011