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Chernihiv – a trip to the past

If you enjoy traveling back through time, come to Chernihiv – one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine. The City was the second capital of Kyivan Rus and is well known for its unique historic sights. One fourth of all Old Russian architecture in Ukraine is here!
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Top 4 Tourist Attractions In Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of steppes, a landscape with wide grassy plains and fertile soil that is most ideal for farming. Its rich land yield grains, meat, milk and wine. The forested Carpathian Mountains rise along the Ukraine’s western borders. Two of its great rivers, the Dnieper and the Dnestr glide into the warm waters of the Black Sea. Here are four of the top tourist attractions to visit in Ukraine.
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11 2013

Ostroh – Spirit of the Past

In Rivne province of Western Ukraine there’s an ancient town Ostroh (Ostrog) seated on the picturesque banks of Horyn River. It was first mentioned by the Hypatian Codex in the year 1100. While travelling between Kyiv and Lviv, it’s more than worthy to stop and explore!
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07 2013

Bukovel – the ski and spa resort №1 in Ukraine

Bukovel is one of the best and the most popular ski resorts in the Carpathians. Stretching 900 m (3,000 ft) high above the sea level, it offers a variety of services and entertainments not only in winter, but in summer as well. Anyway, the ski trails are main Bukovel’s attraction. There are 63 trails for skiers and snowboarders of different skills of total length in 50 km (31 mi). All the services provided by Bukovel are of European standards.
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05 2013

Ivana Kupala Night – when miracles revive

If you travel Ukraine in Summer, around 6-7th of July, don’t miss the spectacular celebration of Ivana Kupala Night! Actually, this is the ancient pagan tradition, which was renovated into one of the native Christian celebrations. It’s loved by locals and deeply impresses foreigners with its fascinating rituals, intertwined with national folklore, and enriched with modern special effects.
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05 2013