Kyiv Funicular

The funicular, which is located on Vladimir’s Hill, is one of the most remarkable highlights of Kyiv. It’s the easiest, fastest and the most pleasant way to get from Podil and Dnieper embankment to Mykhailivsky Square, the higher part of the City.

It was opened back in 1905. In its early days the passengers literally invaded this new form of transport. Only on the 8th of May, 1905 it had carried 22,000 people. In the late 20’s of the last century, it was extended by 38 meters. After 30 years, the rails and sleepers, as well as the cars were replaced. In the middle 80-s the last reconstruction had taken place there, so it can already be considered a rarity. The next upgrade is planned for 2011, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to start ☺

A few facts about Kyiv Funicular:

  • The elevation is 75 m.
  • The length of the tracks is 222 m.
  • The slope is 18-20°
  • The capacity of one car is 100 persons
  • There are 30 seats in each car
  • The speed is 2 m/s
  • The duration of one-way trip is 2-3 minutes
  • It can carry up to 4,000 passengers per 1 hour
  • It works from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • The ticket costs 1.50 Grivnas


The best way to use the funicular: first go to Poshtova Ploscha Metro Station, turn right at the exit. You’ll see the lower Funicular station after you go out of the Metro. Use the funicular to lift you up. Then go straight – you’ll get to Mykhailivsky Square and then to Maidan Nezalezhnosti – the very center of the City.

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