Pyrohiv – the Miniature Ukraine

Pyrohiv (rus. Pirogovo) is an open-air Museum located in Kyiv representing old Ukrainian folk architecture and life of all the regions of the country. It provides the opportunity to go through all of the most interesting parts of Ukraine during 1 day, see the life of Ukrainian people of XVII-XX Centuries from the inside.

Unlike Mamaeva Sloboda, Pyrohiv Museum occupies more than 150 hectares of territory divided into specific regions. The objects of everyday life and architecture are represented there depending on these regions. So, within three or four-hour walk through Pyrohiv, you can get around the whole country: Polissya, Podillya, Carpathians, Naddneipryanschina, Poltava, Southern Ukraine.

There are over 200 different buildings representing their regions and historical periods of Ukraine. Most of them are authentic. It means they were really built by Ukrainians of that era, then disassembled and relocated in late XX Century. The oldest building in Pyrohiv is a one-man dwelling house, built in 1587. You can see there the recreation of household items and appliances of XVI Century’s Ukraine.

Other interesting things about Pyrohiv are different theatrical performances and carnivals which take place here during holidays. At that time you can meet people in national costumes, performing various crafts of the old times – weavers, potters, millers, farmers, peasants and others. You will surely get an unforgettable experience in Pyrohiv walking there and enjoying the positive atmosphere of Ukrainian nature and history, listening to Ukrainian folk music and getting in touch with Ukrainian folklore and culture of different ages.


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03 2011
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