Poltava – The Cultural Stronghold


“He’s like a Swede at Poltava” say Ukrainians when someone is in a big trouble. Many Ukrainians link Poltava to a big battle which had taken place here in 1709 between Russian and Swedish Armies. The Russian side, led by King Peter The Great had won, raising the power of Imperial Russia and ending Ukrainian ambitions of Independence. Nowadays this battle is a very popular event for historical reenactment in Poltava.

Modern Poltava is a very picturesque and big provincial town, the important cultural and religious center of Ukraine. The most interesting places in Poltava are The Round Square, Museum of local lore, Museum-estate of Kotlyarevskiy, Aviation Museum and many green parks of downtown. The Museums contain many thousands of unique exhibits, and parks are full of traditional Ukrainian flowers, bushes and trees.

Poltava is a place where many well-known people had lived. Among them there are Ivan Kotlyarevskiy, Panas Myrny, Nikolai Gogol – famous Ukrainian poets and writers, Symon Petlyura, a controversial Ukrainian leader of Soviet Revolution times, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second Presiden of Israel, and many others. Poltava’s history is deeply connected to Baturyn – the Capital of Hetmans.

Poltava Airport is supposed to be one of the key airports during EURO-2012 football championship, as Poltava is located between Kyiv and Kharkiv – the two cities where the matches will take place.


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02 2011