Tarkhankut, the Crimean Eco Wonder


Enchanting views of cliffs, caves, endless sandy beaches, mysterious underwater world. The main dignity of Tarkhankut is in its remoteness from big towns of Crimea and in its perfect environmental cleanliness. Nowadays this is the most ecological area of the Black Sea.

The argument that Tarhankut is an area with poorly developed infrastructure is outdated. The roads are repaired, the nearby village Olenivka has shops with all necessary goods and products. Two of Ukrainian mobile operators, MTS and KyivStar cover the whole territory of Tarkhankut.

The area has a peculiar geographical position. Vegetation is mostly prairie-like. The banks are steep, but sandy beaches are there as well. The local dry and windy air, saturated with sea salts is healing for the respiratory system.

If to speak about historical values, there are remains of a few ancient Greek settlements, the largest one is the ancient Greek town Kalos-Lyman. Scythian tombs are found in Tarkhankut as well. Cape Tarhankut also has an old 42 metres high lighthouse, built in 1816 of white Inkerman limestone.

Tarhankut is one of the best places in the world for camping and shipwreck-diving. The sea water along the cliffs is clean and it opens the beautiful underwater terrain. Shipwrecks has often been happening here in the past. So if you’re lucky you can still find amphoras, ancient weapons, coins and other items from sunken ships.


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02 2011